Trizod® OPESD Polycarbonate sheet is designed to control static electricity for a wide range of end uses. It is a premium Optical Grade polycarbonate sheet which has been surfaced with a proprietary, clear, C300™ static dissipative surfacing. This unique technology prevents charge generation on the sheet surfaces, thereby controlling particulate attraction and preventing electrostatic discharge (ESD) events. This performance is permanent and totally independent of humidity. Trizod® OPESD offers exceptional design versatility since it fabricates simply, is light in weight and is available in large sheet sizes. It also exhibits superior impact resistance and flame spread properties, plus excellent clarity, chemical resistance, and mar resistance.
Trizod® OPESD has an optically clear press polish finish protected by a heavyduty adhesive paper masking. Trizod® OPESD is UVstabilized and meets the requirements of ASTM D3935 PC0136. Trizod® OP is recognized by Underwriters Laboratories under UL94 V0 for flammability in thicknesses above .236". Trizod® is a registered trademark of Trident Plastics Inc. Trizod® OP-ESD is made in the USA.