• Acrylite3

    Acrylic (PMMA) materials have an unusual combination of properties, outstanding weather resistance, brilliant clarity, "light-piping" and "edge-lighting" qualities, chemical resistance, and ease of forming and machining.  Compared to all other types of transparent thermoplastics, acrylic has outstanding resistance to the damaging effects of sunlight and outdoor weathering.  Acrylic is often recognized under brand names such as Acrylite®, Plexiglas®, Lucite®, Optix®, Polycast®, Perspex® and Chemcast®.

  • Makrolon13

    Polycarbonate is an amorphous engineering thermoplastic, which is charactarized by high levels of mechanical, optical, electrical and thermal properties. Polycarbonate is one of the most widely used engineering materials in the world and has contributed to product revolutions in virtually every industry. Polycarbonate shapes have outstanding impact strength, superior dimensional stability, high temperature resistance and high clarity.

  • Kydex11

    KYDEX® sheet is an extremely durable Acrylic/PVC alloy extruded in a range of colors, patterns, textures, thicknesses and grades to optimize long-term performance, appearance and cost effectiveness across demanding and diverse end-use applications. No thermoplastic sheet stands up to impact, scratches, and gouging like KYDEX® sheet. KYDEX® sheet can also be stretched at room temperature to twice its original dimension without breaking. Tough stains, scuffs, and graffiti can be removed from KYDEX® surfaces using strong cleansers with no staining, fading or surface damage.

  • PETG1

    PETG is a transparent, thermoplastic sheet used widely in the point of purchase industry. PETG products offer superior impact strength over acrylic and cost effectiveness compared to polycarbonate, and offers deep draws, complex die-cuts, and precise molded-in details without sacrificing structural integrity. It die-cuts and punches easily, and can be bonded or fastened with adhesives, ultrasonic welding, or rivets. In addition, PETG is easily decorated by painting, silk screening, or hot stamping. Easy to fabricate, form, bond, and decorate, PETG sheet products are well suited for a variety of point of purchase and other applications.