KYNAR® PVDF / Poly-Vinyl-Dane-Fluoride offers excellent corrosion and chemical resistance at both ambient and elevated temperatures (up to 280°F). PVDF is also inherently UV stable, mechanically tough, abrasion and flame resistant. KYNAR® 740 and KYNAR® 1000HD are highly chemically resistant fluoropolymers used in piping, tubing, vessel fabrication, machined valves and fittings, nozzles and other items for corrosive fluid handling. Their inherent chemical resistance and high purity make them ideal for application in contact with high purity water, acids, chlorine, halogenated solvents and petrochemical mixtures.
  • ASTM D3222 - FDA Compliant.
  • 0.125" through 1.375" diameter available in full lengths only. 1.500" diameter through 12.00" diameter sold in foot increments.
Unit of Measure


N/A 1.00


N/A +.005/-.00 in


N/A .612 lb/ft

Specific Gravity (ASTM D792)

N/A 1.78

Hardness - Shore D

N/A 77D

Tensile Strength at Yield (ASTM D638)

N/A 7000 psi

Tensile Modulus (ASTM D638)

N/A 250000 psi

Tensile Elongation, Yield

N/A 100 %

Tensile Elongation, Break

N/A 7 - 13 %

Flexural Strength

N/A 8000 psi

Flexural Modulus

N/A 290000 psi

Impact Strength, Notched

N/A 3 ft·lb/in

Impact Strength, Un-notched

N/A 20 - 80 ft·lb/in

Coefficient of Linear Thermal Expansion

N/A 6.6 x 10-5 in/in/ºF

Heat Deflection Temperature at 66 psi

N/A 257 - 284 ºF

Heat Deflection Temperature at 264 psi

N/A 230 ºF

Limiting Oxygen Index (ASTM D2863)

N/A 43 %

Flammability Rating (UL 94)

N/A V0

Dielectric Strength at 5 mil (ASTM D149)

N/A 1600 V/mil

Volume Resistivity (ASTM D257)

N/A 2.0 x 1014 ohm·cm

Standard Length

N/A 10 ft4 ft8 ft



  • Temperatures from Cryogenic to +300°F.
  • Low Moisture Absorption.
  • High Purity.
  • Flame-Resistant / UL94 V-0 FM4910.
  • Excellent Mechanical Properties.
  • FDA & USDA Compliant.


  • Semiconductor Process Equipment.
  • Chemical Storage / Fluid Handling.
  • Fire Safe Componentry.
  • Pump & Valve Components.
  • DI Water Systems.
  • Tanks & Tank Linings.