Cast Nylons are a range of polyamides produced by a casting process involving the anionic polymerisation of caprolactum. This process allows the production of semi-finished plate, rod, tube and custom castings that are largely free of internal stresses. Natural Cast Nylon is the basic grade from which all other grades of Cast Nylons stem. Generally accepted as the primary engineering polymer, Natural Cast Nylon is suitable for virtually any plain bearing application not to mention a huge range of other applications for which this versatile grade finds a use. By varying the conditions of polymerisation the mechanical properties of Cast Nylon may be altered to suit specific applications and the addition of various additives, fillers, lubricants and colorants.
  • Natural Un-filled.
  • Black Un-filled.
  • Blue Heat Stabilized.
  • Black MD Moly-filled.
  • Other sizes available.
  • Length & Width Tolerance : - 0.00"/+ only.
  • Thickness Tolerance : Plus Only.
Unit of Measure




N/A Natural

Sheet Size

N/A 24 x 48 in

Optional Sheet Size

N/A 12 x 12 48 x 120 48 x 96


N/A 1.750 in


N/A 12.30 lb/ft²

Specific Gravity (ASTM D792)

N/A 1.15 - 1.17

Hardness - Rockwell (ASTM D785)

N/A R115 - R125

Water Absorption - Saturation (ASTM D570)

N/A 5.0 - 6.0 %

Tensile Strength (ASTM D638)

N/A 10000 - 13500 psi

Tensile Modulus (ASTM D638)

N/A 400000 - 550000 psi

Flexural Strength

N/A 15500 - 17500 psi

Flexural Modulus

N/A 420000 - 500000 psi

Impact Strength, Notched at 73°F (ASTM D256)

N/A 0.70 - 0.90 ft·lb/in

Dynamic Coefficient of Friction at 40 psi, 50 fpm

N/A 0.22

Wear Factor Against Steel - 40 psi, 50 fpm

N/A 200 x 10-10 in³/hr

Coefficient of Linear Thermal Expansion

N/A 5 x 10-5 in/in/ºF

Heat Deflection Temperature at 66 psi

N/A 400 - 430 ºF

Heat Deflection Temperature at 264 psi

N/A 200 - 400 ºF

Maximum Operating Temp. - Short Term

N/A 330 ºF

Maximum Operating Temp. - Long Term

N/A 230 ºF

Dielectric Strength (ASTM D149)

N/A 500 - 600 V/m

Flammability Rating (UL 94)



N/A stock

N/A Cast Nylon/Type 6 (Nylon 6)
This unmodified Type 6 Nylon offers the highest strength and hardness of the Cast Nylon grades. Natural, Black, Blue and custom colors also available Meets or exceeds ASTM D5989 S-PA0211. LP-410A

Blue Cast Nylon/Type 6 - Heat Stabilized
Meets or exceeds ASTM D5989 S-PA0231.

Cast Nylon MD/Type 6 - Wear Resistant (MoS2 Filled)
This "Filled" Cast Nylon contains finely divided particles of Molybdenum Disulphide (MoS2) to enhance its load bearing capabilities while maintaining the impact resistance inherent to Nylon. It is the most commonly used grade for gears, sheaves, sprockets and custom parts. It is Gray - Black in color. Meets or exceeds ASTM D5989 S-PA0221. LP-410A Wear Resistant

Cast Nylon MD+Oil/Type 6 (Oil-Impregnated - MoS2 Filled)
This grade combines Molybdenum Disulphide and Oil for the load capacity, plus improved frictional characteristics. It excels in higher pressures, and at low speeds-up to 40 fpm. It offers 20% lower coeficient of friction, 50% greater limiting PV, and a lower "k" factor than Cast Nylon MD, and the lowest "slip-stick" of any Nylon product making it ideal for slide pads, thrust washers and trunion bearings. Cast Nylon MD+Oil is available in Dark Blue & Gray.

Oil-Impregnated CAST NYLON - GREEN/TYPE 6
Meets or exceeds ASTM D5989 S-PA0251.