Cast Nylons are a range of polyamides produced by a casting process involving the anionic polymerisation of caprolactum. This process allows the production of semi-finished plate, rod, tube and custom castings that are largely free of internal stresses. Natural Cast Nylon is the basic grade from which all other grades of Cast Nylons stem. Generally accepted as the primary engineering polymer, Natural Cast Nylon is suitable for virtually any plain bearing application not to mention a huge range of other applications for which this versatile grade finds a use. By varying the conditions of polymerisation the mechanical properties of Cast Nylon may be altered to suit specific applications and the addition of various additives, fillers, lubricants and colorants.
  • Natural Un-filled.
  • Black Un-filled.
  • Blue Heat Stabilized.
  • Black MD Moly-filled.
  • Length & Width Tolerance : - 0.00"/+ only.
  • Thickness Tolerance : Plus Only.
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Specific Gravity

Rockwell Hardness

Tensile Strength

6500-10-1000 N/A Cast Nylon Rectangular Bar N/A 1.00 in N/A 1.000 in N/A 1.15 - 1.17 N/A R115 - R125 N/A 10000 - 13500 psi
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